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We are committed to providing a high-quality service to you and we believe that to do that you have to have a clear understanding of our obligations to you. These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between you (referred to as you or the client) and FreeLogoVector.com, a creative division. (Referred to as FreeLogoVector, us or we)

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Royalty-free products

You can use our royalty free products as often as you like on as many projects that you like without incurring any financial penalties. Royalty Free pricing not based on the specific uses as this is based on the file size of the product and the number of people that are entitled to use it. *Maximum of 1 Person Per License*. You don’t need to pay any additional royalties for further uses of a royalty-free product however all FreeLogoVector.com license grant only yourself the license and these are absolutely non-transferable to any person or entity for any reason. This means that if you use a royalty-free product in a derivative work by your client, they cannot use the licensed product separately from the complete work. Royalty Free licenses are ALWAYS non-exclusive.

Logos Ownership

All materials, graphics, logos and visuals including all electronic files remain the property of FreeLogoVector.com. All trademarks that are mentioned here also belong to FreeLogoVector.com and we reserve the right to show any artwork, materials, graphics, logos and visuals in our portfolio and in various online galleries. Unless specified with the COPY FREE tag, the content of this website is copyrighted by FreeLogoVector.com

Your not allowed to copy or transmit the contents of this website either electronically or in an offline hard copy. Your also not allowed to alter the content of this website in any manner however if you are interested in using the contents of this website in any manner except as described as above, please contact support  at freelogovector.com for our licensing information.


FreeLogoVector.com ensures that any logo and element of them on our websites for inclusion in designs DO NOT infringe on any copyright or trademarks that belong to other companies or groups.

We also seriously respect copyright and related laws and if by any chance you locate a logo or multiple logos that under international regulations and laws would be defined as copies or imitations, we request that you report them to us by contacting us immediately so that we can verify and remove them as necessary. We reserve the right to vet our site visitors in order to prevent copyright infringement on our website.

Processing Purchase

You, the buyer, understand and agree that the online payment system set up at FreeLogoVector.com is for their smooth and secure purchases and orders. All Payments will be done through an online payment processor and you understand and agree that FreeLogoVector.com is not and will not be held liable or responsible for any errors made by the third party payment processor. You can find out more information about the payments processor and how they use your information in their terms and conditions pages.


We strive for complete customer satisfaction, however since our products are digital files, there is no legitimate way to enforce a refunds policy as there are no physical goods to be recovered. Therefore we DO grant refunds or replacement logos on the terms that the item you purchased is defective or corrupt in any technical way and we request that you contact us for a speedy resolution.

Disclaimer of Warranties

All the content provided to you is provided to you as is and without any kind of warranty expressed or implied to you. In no event shall our persons be liable for any damages, including but not limited to direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential or other forms of damage or losses arising out of the use or inability to use our products and you understand that FreeLogoVector.com will NOT be held responsible for if any legal procedures, direct or indirect take place.

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